Chapter 1 Psychology

Chapter 1 Psychology - Chapter 1 Psychology Yesterday and...

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Chapter 1 Psychology: Yesterday and Today The Science of Psychology What is Psychology? o Psychology is the science of mental processes and behavior. o Mental processes are what your brain is doing not only when you engage in “thinking” activities. o Behavior the outward observable acts of a person either alone or in a group. Levels of Analysis: The Complete Psychology o Mechanism o Content o Network Three Levels of Analysis in Psychology Mechanism is the brain and all the biological factors o Levels of the Brain: events that involve the structure and properties of the organ itself- brain cells and their connections, the chemical soup in which they exist and the genes. o Levels of the Person: events that involve the nature of beliefs, desires, and feelings- the content of the mind, not just its internal mechanics. o Level of the Group: events that involve relationships between people relationships among groups, and culture. Is one aspect of the environment: the other is the physical environment itself? Quiz 1. Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes.
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2. Tiger Woods golfing ability can be explained at the level of the brain, the person, and the group. 3. Looking at prejudice from the level of the person involves examining people’s attitudes 4. Advantages to using levels-of-analysis approach in psychology are all three Psychology Then and Now Early Days: Beginning to Map Mental Processes and Behavior Structuralism o Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) the founder of scientific psychology. o
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Chapter 1 Psychology - Chapter 1 Psychology Yesterday and...

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