Outline for Chapter2

Outline for Chapter2 - 2 expt’l vs control gps 3 Random...

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PSY2012, sec. 3934 Spring 2008 Dr. Howland THE RESEARCH PROCESS (CH 2) N.B. – This outline is neither exhaustive nor a required structural organization of the reading in this chapter. Rather, it is provided to you as one way to guide your reading and study of the material contained in this chapter. I. THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD A. 6 Steps 1. Specify pbm 2. Observe 3. Form hypoth 4. Test hypoth 5. Form theory 6. Test theory II. PSYCH’S TECHNIQUES A. Descriptive Research 1. Naturalistic obs 2. Case studies 3. Surveys B. Correlational Research 1. Def’n 2. Correlation coefficient 3. Types of correlations a. positive b. negative c. zero C. Expt’l Research a. variables
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Unformatted text preview: 2. expt’l vs. control gps. 3. Random assign 4. Quasi-expt’l design D. Looking Deeper into Methods 1. Reliability 2. Validity 3. Bias 4. Expectancy 5. Pseudopsychology III. STATISTICS A. Def’n B. Descriptive Stats 1. Summarize data 2. Frequency distrib’s 3. “Typical score” measures a. mean b. median c. mode d. extreme score sensitivity 4. Normal vs. skewed distribs 5. Variability a. Range b. Standard dev 6. Percentile rank C. Inferential Statistics 1. Def’n 2. Statistical significance 3. Samples & populations 4. Meta-analysis D. Lying with Statistics 1. Selective reporting 2. Lying with Graphs IV. RESEARCH STUDIES (QALMRI) A. Question B. Alternatives C. Logic D. Method E. Results F. Inferences...
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Outline for Chapter2 - 2 expt’l vs control gps 3 Random...

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