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Law notes - Law notes Property- legally created and...

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Law notes Property- legally created and protected rights in anything subject to ownership. Those rights are- you can dispose of it, Use it, you possess, and can exclude others Public- Real- Personal- Tangible- Intangible- Private- Real- Personal- Tangible- Intangible- Objective intent- based more on the circumstances surrounding it. Looking outside that person, we are judging intent from facts and circumstances. Subject intent- some may say this is true inter or internal intent, this is what is actually in my thoughts at the time. Fixtures- an item of personal property that has been attached to real property with the intent it becomes a permanent part of that property Annexation test- method of how the item in question is attached to the property Adaptation test- use/function of item in relation to the real property Interest test- claim of the party who attached upon the real estate, (owner/tenant) Right to possess and exclude others (estates) Right to use and enjoy (easements) the right of uses Right to dispose -lean An interest in really property that is or may become possessor in the future
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Deed- document that transfers an interest in real property. Conveyance document Not a contract Do not need signature Does not need consideration Has to be properly executed Real estate sale
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Law notes - Law notes Property- legally created and...

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