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SHS 330_MT_Study_Guide

SHS 330_MT_Study_Guide - SHS 330 Midterm Exam(Study Guide...

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SHS 330 Midterm Exam (Study Guide) Ohio Language Handbook ( Pages 9-22) Apel & Masterson Chapters 1-3 Class Lecture Material 1. What is Language? Define it the best that you can and then discuss how it is often described as an interaction of three components, content, form and use. Using the venn diagram below to explain this interaction. And then finally, describe what is mean by language content, form and use. 2. You have suddenly been thrust into the limelight of national TV and find yourself on the David Letterman show as a guest expert in the area of children’s early language development. David turns to you as says, “You know, there’s a lot of top 10’s floating around here, but tonight we have a large TV audience who are interested in helping their newborn infants learn to talk. Could you give them a Top 5 (as he holds his hand up to the camera showing all five fingers). Ok so there you are. What would you tell his audience? What would you say are the
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