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Reaction to Diaz - politics behind the voyage In doing so I...

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Moses Preciado History_015_030 4/10/08 Reaction to Diaz Bernal Diaz, the author of “The conquest of New Spain” begins his story with a preface that proclaims his perceptions of the events in his life as true. He begins by dismissing other prefaces that use fancy language to engage the reader into the novel by making bold and enticing claims about the content of the book. He writes that he represents the events in a factual manner and that he does not twist any facts. To me the story off the bat is extremely engaging. He begins be describing himself as a bold a noble conquistador who had a family background in service to the king. Of course his description adequately portrays how conquistadors at the time felt about their mission. They saw it as brave and valiant conquest; not as brutal takeovers of already claimed land and resources. In his description of his voyage to Tierra Firme he includes great detail about the financing, and
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Unformatted text preview: politics behind the voyage. In doing so I believe that I have gained a greater and more in-depth understanding of the nature of the voyages. As I continued to read, Diaz further explains the type of interactions that he had with the natives of the lands that had been conquered. I grew distaste as to how he spoke of the natives as lesser beings. He showed no emotion for stripping people of land and resources. Now I realize that the Spaniards didn’t treat them too bad, however I believe that the Spaniards should have never invaded other peoples land in Latin America. The reading fully coincides with the teachings of the professor. I’ve gotten a more in-depth and personal look at the political affairs of the conquistadors, the king of Spain, the natives, and everyone affected by the conquistadors. So far, the first hand account of the events, is not only informative, but also entertaining....
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