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Course project answers ms

Course project answers ms - FIN 3403 Course Project 2008...

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FIN 3403 - Course Project 2008 Spring Term The purposes of the project are to (1) make students familiar with online services and financial databases that allow individuals to research and better understand the financial aspects of a company, and (2) help students learn about the difficulties of extending financial theory and data to real world applications. The first part of the course project will familiarize students with a number of services and databases. The second part will require students to actually use financial data to analyze such things as a firm’s cost of capital, its economic value added, the fairness of its stock price, and whether the stock is currently a reasonable investment. Your first step is to download this document to your personal computer. Answers to the following questions/activities should then be posted directly to the Word Document that has been saved to your personal computer ( we suggest that you highlight or use a different font color for your answers to make it easier for the TA’s to distinguish your answers form the original document and grade your assignment ). After you have completed the assignment, the final step will be to “attach” or “upload” this document when you submit your assignment on the class “assignment” webpage (this is a different process than the graded class discussion boards). As a student at the University of Florida, you have free access to many of the online services that usually require a subscription. However, you will either need to access these services through a Library-related computer, or go through a “Proxy Server” using your GatorLink account username and password. To access the online Business Library section of the Smathers Library, go to http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/cm/business/ On the right of the top line, click on Remote Logon. This will take you to a page that allows you to connect to on-campus services using the Library Proxy Server: http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufproxy.html At the top left of the screen, fill in your GatorLink Account Username and Password, and then click Login. This will take you back to the UF Library page: http://www.uflib.ufl.edu.lp.hscl.ufl.edu/ufproxysuccess.html At the top/middle left of the page click the drop-down arrow for “UF Smathers Libraries” and choose, “Business Library” This takes you back to the Business Library main page, but using the Proxy Server: http://web.uflib.ufl.edu.lp.hscl.ufl.edu/cm/business/ FIN 3403 - 2008 Spring Term - Course Project Page 1 of 26 Pages
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Part 1 of the Course Project You may go to the FIN 3403 class website and click on “My Grades” in the left-hand toolbar. Within the grades file you will find the “Company Ticker Symbol” and “Company Name” for the company that you have been assigned.
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