Torture and Totalitarianism

Torture and Totalitarianism - Cason 1 Andrew Cason...

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Cason 1 Andrew Cason Professor Gordon ENGL 123-09 December 10, 2007 Torture and Totalitarianism Torture is the act of causing extreme pain and suffering to someone’s body in order to break their will for the purpose of gaining information or a confession. It is basically using one’s instinctual fear of death and pain against one’s resolve (Sullivan 821-2). Torture, essentially is the most despicable and dehumanizing act one can do to another, yet it is a widespread practice used by the current administration. The reason being is that we are at war. Let us face the simple truth; the ‘war on terror’ is fueling nationwide fear causing an unfair tradeoff between democratic rights and security. Government power and legitimacy since September 11 th 2001 has significantly increased because some feel it is needed to strengthen security, but in the process it has drastically devalued our rights as citizens. The ‘war on terror’ has given this administration a tremendous amount of power to do whatever they please in the name of national security. This is a move to totalitarianism; a large bureaucratic militaristic government that has unlimited access to information through surveillance, data mining, phone tapping and torture and has no respect for democratic principles such as human rights, honesty and fairness. The unrestricted practice of torture is clear evidence of this movement towards totalitarianism and therefore must be stopped. The further authorization of torture by any government agent or agency would be a detriment and a danger to our society because
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Cason 2 authorized torture threatens our lives, rights and democratic principles, and the international view of the United States and consequently must be prohibited. The further authorization of torture would cause a slippery slope in regards to our
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Torture and Totalitarianism - Cason 1 Andrew Cason...

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