Ibo Justice - Cason 1 Andrew Cason March 19, 2008 History...

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Cason 1 Andrew Cason March 19, 2008 History 112 Dr. Mazzarella Things Fall Apart: Ibo Justice The point of view provided by Chinua Achebe in his novel “Things Fall Apart” gives the inexperienced reader a greater understanding of Ibo society. All through the novel we are shown the Ibo way of life - their lifestyle, hierarchy of values, religious beliefs and social classes. The Ibo ideas, practices and intuitions concerning justice, prevalent throughout Acbebe’s novel, may be perceived as superstitious and unfair from a modern western perspective but within the context of Ibo culture seems completely fair. When one takes a more objective point of view, one can, using the evidence from the book, see the equal degree of advancement and the advantages and disadvantages between the two cultures – modern western culture and Ibo. The first incidence in the novel regarding the Ibo values of justice is when a member of their tribe, the wife of Ogbuefi Udo, was murdered by a neighboring tribe. To resolve the matter a village meeting was called to collectively decide want to do about the death of one of their own. “And at the end it was decided to follow the normal course of action. An ultimatum was immediately dispatched to Mbaino asking to choose bewteen war on the one hand, and on the other the offer of a young man and a virgin as compensation” (11). So we can defer that the village has standards for dealing with such situations which means that they have an advanced and complex system of rules and values whether written down or orally passed on. In this case the cost of a wife is a young
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Cason 2 man and a virgin – though this may seem inhuman giving material value to human beings
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Ibo Justice - Cason 1 Andrew Cason March 19, 2008 History...

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