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Moses Page 1 5/12/2009 History 15_030 Notes Machiavelli-The Prince. Read Short Section Essay, on black board - 2 pages Address the prompt fully 1) Form : Introduction, (present argument with thesis/ three part question, break down into body paragraph) 2 ) Three body paragraph , your claims. evidence, reference text]t for support, cite details/point/ passages from the book. [parenthetical citations ie: “(Diaz 14)”] Analysis/ explanation of how evidence relates to claims. 3)
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion : Reiterating/ clarifying point . significance/ impact, importance. Technology – Use, Types, Impact Realized that natives were scared of cannons and horses. Roles of Women Religion Culture Religion ought not justify conquest. Lack of understanding, or acceptance of new culture. Economics Wealth by any means/ premier motive for conquering. Social Class and Distinction Believable? Exaggeration of the number of natives against Spaniards....
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