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Moses Preciado History 15 Section 30 April 17, 2008 Spain’s Conquest There are many different ways that one can go about analyzing why the Spaniards set out to conquest the Americas. One thing that cant be denied is the incredible impact that Spain had on the new world then, and the impact it continues to have on society today. Spain’s conquest brought culture, religion, technology, and other things to the Americas. As we read in Bernal Diaz’s, The Conquest of New Spain, the Spaniards went to the new world expand their empire, as opposed to building a new one. As the title to his book suggest the lands that Spain set out to conquer were meant to be a New Spain. For Diaz the primary purpose of the conquest was to give Spain power, a more extensive empire, and a new means of attaining valuable resources. From Diaz’s perspective the most important goal for Spain was to attain riches from the new lands through precious medals. In addition to becoming rich, Diaz believed that it was Spain’s duty to conquer new lands and introduce their religion. Diaz too wished to
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Short_Section_Essay_Moses_Preciado - Moses Preciado History...

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