History 15 notes 4_11_08

History 15 notes 4_11_08 - English - America Massachusetts...

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Moses Page 1 5/18/2009 History_015_001 Brazil- Portuguese arrive and discover surplus of land, and shortage of labor- opposite of Europe 1549 King of Portugal sends royal governor to Brazil to establish colonies. Portuguese begging growing sugar in Brazil. Because of labor shortage, only wealthy people who can set up plantations with expensive machinery can begin farming. Indian men deny working if field because of and inferiority complex. I.e.: farming- job of women. Over exploitation, and disease, and enslavement cause sharp decline of Indian population in Brazil. Portuguese bring African slaves to America as last resort. African slave trade already organized to supply America with slaves. Africans survive slavery in America better than Indians. Africans have knowledge of agriculture. Understand concepts such as surplus, market, profit. Geography in Brazil impacted growth, via what crops could be grown. Brazil becomes plantation society with the help of African slaves.
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Unformatted text preview: English - America Massachusetts Bay Company 1607 first successful English colony is established- James Town. English knew knot how to establish a colony. Colonist initially starved rather than to “lower status” by working with hands.(hard labor) Colonist die of fever and starvation. 1618 Colonist give away land, 50 acres to anyone who arrives in Virginia. 1622 Massive Indian attack on English colonies. British encourage tobacco production in Virginia. Lack of labor arises. Indentured servitude arises out of labor shortage England sends convicts to Virginia. British attempt to enslave Indians in Virginia, then to the Carolinas. Does not work. Indians believe its women’s work. 1619 First Africans arrive in colonies. English move to Jamaca and Barbados and plant sugar. Moses Page 2 5/18/2009 Move from English societies to plantation societies. Slaver moves to the north. Grow tobacco in Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland....
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History 15 notes 4_11_08 - English - America Massachusetts...

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