PracticeMT2 - Anthropology 1 Practice Midterm #2 I. Put...

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Anthropology 1 Practice Midterm #2 I. Put your name, your TA’s name, your section day and time on your Scantron UCD 2000. Carefully darken the bubble next to the letter of the single best answer. Be sure to erase any mistakes thoroughly. (Hint #1: Why not circle the answers on the test itself and then transfer the answers to the Scantron form? Hint #2: The answer to question #1 is e). Good luck! 1. We study primates in this course on human evolutionary biology because: a. they are our closest living relatives in the animal world. b. humans share numerous special features uniquely with primates that they do not share with other mammals. c. many primate species are highly social and their study helps in understanding the evolution of social behavior. d. not only are primates closely related to humans, many of them live in habitats similar to those of our ancestors. e. all of the above. 2. We share with other members of the Primate Order certain traits that are usually not found in non-primates such as: a. grasping hands with opposable thumbs. b. nails instead of claws. c. eyes rotated forward with a postorbital bar or plate. d. all of the above e. a and c only 3. The Suborder to which humans belong: a. includes the lorises, monkeys, and apes. b. is called the Anthropoidea. c. is characterized by the tooth-comb. d. all of the above e. a and b only 4. The Ceboidea: a. consists of monkeys of the Old World. b. are unlike Catarrhini in having 3 premolars. c. are distinct from most other Anthropoidea in having wide laterally facing nostrils. d. all of the above e. b and c only
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5. Swinging from vine to vine, George-of-the-Jungle saw a chimp, gorilla, and a baboon which indicates that he: a. must have been in Southeast Asia. b. must have been in South America. c. must have been in Africa. d. must have been a Vit and Enology major to be so familiar with vines. e.
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PracticeMT2 - Anthropology 1 Practice Midterm #2 I. Put...

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