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CSI - CSI Journal Entry#1(10pts Project Topic What project...

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CSI: Journal Entry #1 (10pts) Project Topic: What project will you be completing? Why did you choose this topic? CSI: Journal Entry #2 (10pts) Due Date - Saturday, March 26 @ 11:59 pm A. Nutritional and Fitness Pre-Evaluation: What did you discover after recording your data for one day? Are you eating healthily? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough physical activity? Do you get enough sleep? Where do you need to improve? B. Initial Data: Copy and paste the table that corresponds with your project . Fill in the first two columns. After completing the table, write a paragraph discussing your data: According to your data, are you in good, fair or poor health? How do you feel about your health? Project A Fitness Exercise Initial Data Go al Final Data BMI Run/walk 1 mile (Time-min:sec) Push ups (# until burnout) Half Sit-up (# in 1 min) Project B Initial Go Final
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Data a l Data BMI Upper Arm Chest Waist Thigh Hips Calf C. What are your Goals? Write a paragraph explaining your goals: Based on your initial results, how would you like to improve by the end of project? For example, if you are able to run/walk a mile in 20:34, perhaps your goal will be to complete it in 15:30 by the project. Explain how you determined your goal. D. Additional Data Collection- Choose at least one other source of data to collect. Choose whether or not you will track this data daily or weekly. For example, you may choose to track the amount of water, protein, salt, sugar or fat consumed each week (www.myfitnesspal.com). If your focus is physical
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