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1 PSC 41 – Fall 2007 Name Exam 1 - FORM B ID# Instructions: There are 45 multiple-choice questions. Read each question and the possible answer choices carefully . Choose the single BEST response for each item. Fill in the appropriate bubble on your UCD2000 scantron answer sheet with a No.2 pencil. 1. Examining how group dynamics influences behavior would be an example of which of the following levels of analysis? a. Systems b. Cellular c. Individual d. Social 2. Rationalism develops knowledge by the use of a. observation. b. empirical facts. c. reasoning. d. reasoning and observation. 3. Which statement is NOT true about operational definitions in research? a. Operational definitions promote objectivity. b. Operational definitions help us avoid measurement error. c. Operational definitions help prove hypothesis. d. Operational definitions help us to measure constructs. 4. The statement, “I won t believe it unless I see it” is an example of a. naive empiricism. b. rational empiricism. c. sophisticated empiricism. d. tenacity. 5. Which variables are manipulated by researchers? a. extraneous variables b. independent variables c. inferred-response variables d. dependent variables 6. Which type of research has the highest level of constraint? a. correlational research b. case-study observation c. differential research d. naturalistic observation 7. On a hot summer day, an outdoor thermometer reads 32˚ Celsius. What scale of measurement does the thermometer use? a. Nominal Scale b. Ordinal Scale c. Interval Scale d. Ratio Scale
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2 8. Which of the following is NOT a construct? a. intelligence b. gravity c. the ego d. age 9. Samantha is training her dog to fetch sticks. Every time her dog returns with the stick Samantha pats her dog and gives him a treat. In this example, the treat serves as a __________ . a. Stimulus Variable b. Behavioral Variable c. Skinner Variable d. Response Inferred Construct 10. A study entitled “Attentional Deficits in Drivers Using Cell Phones” is most likely an example of what type of research? a. Applied Research b. Action Research c. Basic Research d. Ergonomics 11. Mistaking the name of a phenomenon for the explanation of the phenomenon is called a a. Barnum statement. b.
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exam1b-answerkey - PSC 41 Fall 2007 Exam 1 FORM B Name ID...

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