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exam3a-answerkey - PSC 41 Fall 2007 Exam 3 FORM A Name ID...

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PSC 41 – Fall 2007 Name Exam 3 - FORM A ID# Instructions: There are 45 multiple-choice questions. Read each question and the possible answer choices carefully . Choose the single BEST response for each item. Fill in the appropriate bubble on your UCD2000 scantron answer sheet with a No.2 pencil. 1. Which of the follow describe some the rights of research participants? A) Free to ask anything related to their risk and benefits in the research B) Free to quit the experiment without jeopardy C) To get further information about the study that they take part in D) A, B, & C 2. Which of the following institute is the campus-wide committee in charge of the ethical and scientific use of laboratory animals? A) IRB B) IACE C) IACUC D) AWI 3. When assessing the ethics of your experiment, the cost-benefit ratio tries to balance: A) the total amount of money needed to fund the experiment and available funds B) possible risks to participants and possible scientific gains C) researcher s salary and health insurance plan D) possible risks to researchers and possible career gains 4. Which of the following is taken into consideration before using animal subjects: A) Possible adverse effects of experimental treatment B) Comfort of the animal during the study C) Appropriate care for the animal (food, etc.) D) All of the above 5. In the Stanford Prison Experiment (from the video), which of the following was NOT a breach of ethics? A) "prisoners" were not allowed to quit the experiment B) the true experimental prison conditions were withheld from family members C) following the experiment, all prisoners were debriefed D) the principal investigator (Zimbardo) played a major role as the "warden" in the experiment 6. The main concern of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is: A) To be sure all participants are well paid B) To assure the rights and welfare of all human participants C) To assure the rights of all animal participants. D) B and C 7. The experimental research hypothesis encompasses which three hypotheses? A) the null, the statistical, and the correlational hypotheses B) the causal, the confounding variable, and the correlational hypotheses C) the relational, the differential, and the causal hypotheses D) the statistical, the confounding variable, and the causal hypotheses
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8. When research procedures result in undesirable consequences for an individual participant, the researcher must A) abandon the research project. B) correct any short-term or long-term consequences. C) inform the participant of undesirable consequences before moving on to the next stage of the study. D)
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exam3a-answerkey - PSC 41 Fall 2007 Exam 3 FORM A Name ID...

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