Lab3 - Reaction Time 0.1514 cm/s Reaction Lengths 2 4 6 8...

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Split second Rafael Corral PHYS100: Applied Physics Davenport University Stephen Bacinski
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Introduction In this experiment I will be testing my reaction time. How fast can we catch a ruler after it has been released. Experimental methods A partner will hold a ruler stick up and let it fall after a random number of seconds. In the mean while the other student will have both his index and thumb at the bottom of the ruler and will try to catch the ruler once the other student releases it. We will record how far away from 0cm did the student catch the ruler. The results will be recorded. This will be repeated 3 times, and we will get an average length. Then we will use the distance to calculate our reaction time. Results Average Length: 11.33
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Unformatted text preview: Reaction Time: 0.1514 cm/s Reaction Lengths 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 1 2 3 Length in cm Series of Tries Discussion I think the reaction was not the same; I think at the third event I was more prepared to react than any of the previous two. I believe I would have reacted differently if my hand was being burnt from touching a pan, I think my reaction would have been much quicker. I don’t know why reaction times are different among different people but if I would have to guess, it would be because others are not exposed to reacting quickly. Reaction time can have an effect if the person using the stop watch has a slow reaction time. This can be improved by giving the stop watch to someone with a better reaction time....
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Lab3 - Reaction Time 0.1514 cm/s Reaction Lengths 2 4 6 8...

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