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Quiz 1 - soln7 - a b Given that the atomic masses of C and...

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Unformatted text preview: a.) b.) Given that the atomic masses of C and H are 12.01 g/mol and 1.01 g/mol respectively, calculate the mer molecular weights of polystyrene and polybutadiene. S’n‘cm = 805% e %(\1~0\\‘ 8-0-00 = fib~08+ 3-03 : {OH-“b S’MO‘ “(It-m) + 60.00 L‘s-MM» 6-06 5u-\o 91m mer molecular weight of polystyrene: l 0 L0. ' ‘6 a [MA mer molecular weight of polybutadiene: f; k - \O 9 [mol ‘BahA‘m 00- (a H- I. Calculate the weight-average molecular weight for polystyrene for which the weight average degree of polymerization is 35,000. '70: = 35000 x Mar ml M- sfiome = 35000 ~: ion. u, = 3,(,suo¢3,w\ Weight—average molecular weight for polystyrene: 3 ' 6S 3 (not There are four distinct ways in which styrene mers and butadiene mers can be combined to form a copolymer. On the lines to the left give the name of each copolymer type and on the right sketch a diagram to illustrate the meaning of that term. ...
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