Lab5 - Vesc (mi/hr) Mercury 3.30E+23 2.44E+06 4248.435064...

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Mass versus Weight Rafael Corral PHYS100: Applied Physics Davenport University Stephen Bacinski
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Introduction This lab is meant to show how the weight of a person can be different in different planets. The mass of a person will stay constant from planet to planet but the weight is the only one that changes. It is often misunderstood and thought that both mass and weight is the same thing. In this experiment I will show they are two separate things, but are related to each other. Experimental Methods I will be calculating the escape velocity of each of the planets; I will also be transforming it to miles per second. I will also find out the weight that I would have in every planet. Results Planet Factor The weight Mercury 0.38 67.64 Venus 0.91 161.98 Mars 0.38 67.64 Jupiter 2.36 420.08 Saturn 0.91 161.98 Uranus 0.89 158.42 Neptune 1.12 199.36 Earth 1 178 Planet Mass Radius(m) Vesc (m/s)
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Unformatted text preview: Vesc (mi/hr) Mercury 3.30E+23 2.44E+06 4248.435064 9516.494543 Venus 4.87E+24 6.05E+06 10361.64763 23210.09068 Mars 6.42E+23 3.40E+06 5021.085947 11247.23252 Jupiter 1.90E+27 7.15E+07 59542.35283 133374.8703 Saturn 5.68E+26 6.03E+07 35457.54746 79424.90631 Uranus 8.68E+25 2.56E+07 21284.61742 47677.54302 Neptune 1.02E+26 2.48E+07 23440.5395 52506.80847 Earth 5.97E+24 6.38E+06 11174.36422 25030.57586 Planet Acceleration Newton Mercury 8.330264831 2.75E+24 Venus 20.31695613 9.89E+25 Mars 9.845266564 6.32E+24 Jupiter 116.7497114 2.22E+29 Saturn 69.52460286 3.95E+28 Uranus 41.73454396 3.62E+27 Neptune 45.96184215 4.69E+27 Earth 21.91051809 1.31E+26 Discussion The mass of any object is going to remain the same no matter in what planet the object is on. The weight is the only thing that will change....
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Lab5 - Vesc (mi/hr) Mercury 3.30E+23 2.44E+06 4248.435064...

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