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Astronomy January 25, 2008 Lecture 4 Energy of light is proportional to the frequency of light. Whenever you have a proportion, you can write it in an equation by putting in a constant (Planck’s constant). Beyond a centimeter length is known as radio wave. Right before mm is microwave. Before that are infrared waves. Right before the micrometer is visual waves. Right after the nanometer is ultraviolet waves. After picometer is x-rays.
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Unformatted text preview: Before picometers are gamma waves. • Our eyes can detect visual waves. o 400 nm to 700 nm is visual waves. Starting from 700 is ROYGBIV. o Infra/ultra red/violet- beyond the red/violet • Energy of light depends on relative velocity. Coming towards me, higher energy. Going away, lower energy. Same speed. • Red shift- universe is expanding. Going away from us, so changing energy/color to red....
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