Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Assingment 1

Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Assingment 1 - Geog201 Spring 2008 Due...

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Geog201 – Spring 2008 Exercise 1 – Paluzzi Due Date___________ Grade___________ Name___________________ Geog 201 – Introduction to Geography SUNY - Rockland Spring 2008 Exercise 1 Introduction to Place Names Purpose: This exercise will assist students in their ability to utilize maps, and to locate information contained in maps. Equipment & Materials: Globe, atlas, outline maps and/or wall maps. Instructions: Using the United States and world outline maps, locate the following features in the appropriate place on the outline maps supplied to you (or you downloaded). United States – On the U.S. map, identify each of the 50 states AND the following features: Rocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Sierra Nevada Mountains Great Plains Mississippi River Missouri River Ohio River Hudson River All the Great Lakes Lake Champlain Appalachian Plateau Adirondack Mountains Connecticut River Cascade Mountains Great Salt Lake Colorado River Blue Ridge Mountains Green Mountains White Mountains Columbia Plateau Ohio River Identify and locate the following features on the WORLD MAP – outline the regions in blue (and label). Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Caribbean Central Asia East Asia Europe Central America Latin America North Africa/Southwest
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Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Assingment 1 - Geog201 Spring 2008 Due...

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