Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Virtual Vacation Project

Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Virtual Vacation Project - Geography...

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Geog201 Introduction to Geography Paluzzi – Spring 2008 Geography 201 – Introduction to Geography – Spring 2008 SUNY - Rockland Spring 2008 Instructor: Michael Paluzzi, ABD VIRTUAL VACATION PROJECT GUIDELINES Topic Selection: The goal is to plan an exotic vacation, but one with a geographical twist. Use the Internet to help you plan a geo-tour of a specific region or country of the world. The destination of choice must be from one of the regions we cover in this class. (No North American or European destinations). Hopefully you are all at least a novice web user, however if not, this exercise will improve your web navigational skills. There is a wealth of information about geography on the Internet. Surf the web and learn. Your travel plans must be realistic – that is to say that money is not infinitely available, as you are on a student’s budget (perhaps, you just sold your Geography textbooks for extra cash). Upon arriving in your country or region of choice, your trip must begin, and end at the same location and the total distance you may travel is a maximum of 1500 miles (from the original destination). This means that you may travel 1500 miles round trip once you have arrived at your first destination (the distance between home and the initial destination site does not count toward the total mileage.) You may not select the United States as the destination site. Be exotic. Travel abroad. Each student must plan
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course GEO 201 taught by Professor Paluzzi during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Rockland.

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Geo 201 - Paluzzi - Virtual Vacation Project - Geography...

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