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Copy of psych paper, peer aggression - Lindsay Kramer Psych...

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Lindsay Kramer Psych 112 FYE 11/17/06 Aggression in Preschoolers In preschoolers we tend to observe aggression among the children. These behaviors come naturally, similar to our acts of instinct. Cowell and Lindsey confirmed in the article Preschool Children’s Pretend and Physical Play and Sex Play Partner: Connections to Peer Competence that, boys who are hyper and rough house constantly will not get along with the calm, cheerful females. Likewise; these girls who enjoy playing with dolls and drawing pictures, will not have a good interaction with the rough and tumble boys. Therefore; when same sex play is being observed the children can experience good relations and play calmly with their peers. However; co-ed interaction in preschoolers can get aggressive due to the difference in males and females natural tendencies of play. Learning and understanding preschoolers is an important issue and a necessity when raising or taking care of children. If everyone understood why children are aggressive at random moments, we would be more successful when nurturing them throughout life. With this knowledge, parents can raise kids in the correct manner, providing them with the correct environment. In effect the kids will turn out more mature, and wiser. As part of this research project, I placed myself at the YWCA in New Britain Connecticut. The YCWA is a center to increase the organized capacity of people to care for each other. It is a family friendly environment and is open to the public. The Y
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is a wonderful place for women to find the help they are looking for. In most circumstances the clients are women, who are usually single mothers, or people who struggling with jobs and taking care of their children. Relevant to our situation, the clients dropped off their children to attend preschool all day or until the parents got out of work to pick up their children, sometime in the afternoon. My partner and I attended the YWCA, preschool department a total of four times, they were the Jumping Jaguars. Our job there was to interact with the children and observe their reactions to the effect of having new surroundings and seeing new faces. Two of our visits we planned out a lesson to teach to the children valuable lessons to be used in their life. At the age of four years old, there were not many lessons in which they could value from. However; the first lesson plan we chose was to describe fairness. We provided each child with one penny in the beginning, making
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Copy of psych paper, peer aggression - Lindsay Kramer Psych...

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