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Lindsay Kramer Kramer, 1 Professor Juliano Freshman Composition English 110-18 The Legalization of Marijuana We all know the many arguments towards and against the legalization of marijuana. 41% of America’s population believe that the drug, marijuana should be legalized for reasons such as that the country will have more money from taxing the distribution of the product, less wait time for court dates because of the lesser crime rate, and the medicinal usage to help ease the pain of cancer and AIDS patients. Then for the other 59% of America, who believes that marijuana should be illegal. For example, the health risks issues, complications of working out new laws, and the moral of making drugs legal. My proposal is that by legalizing marijuana we can gain a lot as a country. If America sets the same limitations on marijuana as they do on alcohol, the country would cooperate much better. Some new laws can be that no one under the age of 21 years old may purchase, or be in possession of marijuana. Also, as with alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana would be prohibited. Marijuana should be legalized also for the soul reason that the war on drugs is an expensive failure. The government is spending more than enough money on resources for the DEA, FBI, and our nation’s border security. Plus the amount of money that goes to the police officers, courtroom judges, public defenders, prosecutors, jurors, and prison guards, and people are continuing to
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Kramer, 2 smoke marijuana. All this extra security so people do not use marijuana. Our country should be spending more time looking out for terrorists, rapists, murderers, and drug addicts. Plus, if marijuana were to be legalized, then the wait time for legitimate court hearings would be faster because of the lesser crime rate. As for the country’s money issue, we could stop spending so much money on the “war on drugs” and instead, tax the distribution of the product. Possession of marijuana right now in America is a criminal offense and costs tax payers billions of dollars. The money the government receives from taxes goes to anti-drug advertisements, law enforcement, and keeping marijuana criminals in jail. It would be a much better idea to use this money for prevention of more harmful drugs, such as; cocaine, heroine, crack, or LSD, because these drugs are more harmful and dangerous to people than marijuana is. Plus marijuana would be much cheaper if the government produced, and controlled it. This is true for the reason that drug dealers overcharge their buyers because of the demands for the product because it’s illegal, and with that demand comes price raises. Gangs take advantage of the prices to make large profits for themselves. But if marijuana were to be legalized, patrons would purchase the product through the government, making it easier to keep it away from minors. Lastly, it will be an additional source for tax revenue. Most of the money raised through taxes is on cigarettes, alcohol, and other
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legalize marijuana - Lindsay Kramer Professor Juliano...

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