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psych test 2 - Lindsay Kramer*Test 2 Psych 200-71 Prof...

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Lindsay Kramer **Test 2** 11/12/07 Psych 200-71 Prof. Fallon
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1. This can be a case of operant conditioning because Tina’s partner has learned that every time the bedroom door is left open, and he asks nicely, he’ll be reinforced with an act of sex. However, when the door is shut, he has learned that no amount of begging will bring on the reinforcement of sex. However, this can also be a case of classical conditioning because the door will act as the neutral stimulus, Tina as the Unconditioned stimulus and the act of sex as the unconditioned response. After many days or even weeks of “training” the NS (the door) becomes the CS, and the UCR (sex) becomes the CR. 2. For this professor to produce the most number of responses out of her students by having them bring printed out slides to class, she must set them on a partial reinforcement schedule, specifically a Variable Ratio schedule. This will generate the most response out of the students because the professor will reinforce her students on a completely random schedule, somewhat like a slot machine. She could reinforce the students with the slides with extra credit points or extensions on a particular homework. The students will continuously bring the printed out slides to class to be reinforced. Sniffy has shown multiple responses when put on a variable ratio schedule, just as her students will.
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