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unit 1 - pH of 1 this means that it showed the greatest...

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Lindsay Kramer Jamie Deorio, Greg Thelusiua 2/13/08 Professor Kapper BMS 113-70 UNIT ONE   CCSU H 2 O Vinegar Baking Soda pH 9 4 9 - The best buffer in this experiment was the TBS. The saline had a pH of 1 after only 5 drops of Hydrochloric acid. The water took 10 drops before it reached a pH of 1. While these solutions reached the lowest pH after the first few trials, the TBS slowly dropped in pH with the more acid added to it. TBS went from a pH of 8 at first, to 7 after only 5 drops of HCl, to a pH of 2.5 after 10 drops and finally it reached 1 with 15 drops of HCl. Because the TBS was the slowest to change to a
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Unformatted text preview: pH of 1, this means that it showed the greatest manipulability to the acid, and therefore was the best buffer.-The control in this experiment was the different solutions without any drops of Hydrochloric acid in them. In the water the pH started at 6.5, the saline had a pH of 7, and the TBS was at 8. The reason for a control in this experiment, as well as all in all experiments, is so that we can see where the solutions start without any effect to them. Then we can watch the change in the values of pH after mixing the solutions with more drops of HCl....
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