UNIT 2 - absorbent to light the product was. The cause of...

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Lindsay Kramer Partners: James Deorio, Michael Bailey, 2/27/08 BMS 113-70 UNIT TWO The hypothesis of our Unit Two experiment is that, the more enzymes (Tyrosinase) that we add to a substrate (Pyrocatechol) will produce Hydroxyquinone that will have a more intense yellow color, and more absorbency to light. The Independent Variable is the decrease in water amounts, and the increase of enzymes (Tyrosinase). By adding enzymes we can watch the color of the product change with intensity, and by decreasing the water we are keeping a consistent amount of 5.0 ml. The Dependent Variable is the increased amount of absorbency, also resulting in a more intense “yellowish” color. The Control Variable in this experiment is the constant amount of substrate (Pyrocatechol) always at 1.0 ml of Pyrocatechol. It is concluded that the Hypothesis was supported. If you look at the graph we can see that the more enzymes (Tyrosinase) added to the substrate (Pyrocatechol) the more
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Unformatted text preview: absorbent to light the product was. The cause of the shape of this graph could be because as we added enzymes, and we decreased the amount of water to the product, resulting in a stronger absorbency and we experimented with each trial. If we did not decrease the amount of water, we would show a much slower increase of absorbency. If we were to repeat this experiment another control could be to keep a consistent amount of water, as well as the enzymes. This way we could see a true increase in absorbency rather than a drastically altered result. However if we kept the water consistent, it would not match the consistent 5.0 ml of liquid in each test tube. Tube 1 Tube 2 Tube 3 Tube 4 Water 4.0 ml 3.5 ml 3.0 ml 2.0 ml Pyrocatecho l 1.0 ml 1.0 ml 1.0 ml 1.0 ml Tyrosinase 0.0 ml 0.5 ml 1.0 ml 2.0 ml Tube Absorbenc y (420nm) 1 0.05 2 0.59 3 0.8 4 1.1...
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UNIT 2 - absorbent to light the product was. The cause of...

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