10.10.07 Pakistan Cont

10.10.07 Pakistan Cont - Social Equality vs Caste System...

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Pakistan Cont’ 10.10.07 Muslim League Muslims were 23% of British India Started in 1906 to press for minority representation of Muslims in India Jinnah becomes president in 1916: negotiates Lucknow Pact Describes how powers would be shared Jinnah but breaks with party in 1919 Two Nation Solution Sir Muhammad Iqbal Proposal united many of the opposing forces 1935 Government of India Act Gave power to provincial legislatures Jinnah returns from London (1934) League only won in Punjab and Bengal Congress refuses to share power 1940 Muslim league formally adopts two-nation theory The argument Religious differences are so strong that any state attempting to govern both Hindus and Muslims are bound to fail as a unified state Muslim/Hindu (stereotypes used to explain how different each is) Monotheism vs. Polytheism
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Unformatted text preview: Social Equality vs. Caste System Sharply defined vs. Shades of Grey Stereotypes: bully vs. coward The Result West-Pakistan and Ost-Pakistan separated by India More population in E Pakistan but smaller area Bangladeshi Independence Economic Exploitation Favor W Pakistan Value of currency would benefit one but not the other Language Differences Urdu forced on E Pakitan Awami League: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Wins majority of seats Bhutto refuses to let him take position of PM March 1971- Yahya Kahn initiates operation search light 9 months 3 mill Pakistanis killed Fun Fact George H. W. Bush Ambassador to UN US did not block any actions taken in Bangladesh due to the fact that they sided with Pakistan Kissinger Enterprise Off the coast incase Pakistan needed to flee...
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10.10.07 Pakistan Cont - Social Equality vs Caste System...

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