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Jeff Brutsche Engt 2230 Assignment 7 1. What flags are tested by the various conditional loop instructions? How large a jump can be employed in a loop instruction? What is the maximum number of repeats that can be implemented with a loop instruction? Carry Flag, Zero Flag, and Sign Flag. The jump size is plus 129 or minus 126. The maximum number of repeats that can be used is the number stored in CX. 2. If A=354, B=678 and C=324, find the value used for the source operand in the expression MOV AX, B EQ (A + C) Since 354 plus 324 that equals 678 (A+C=B) So the offset FFFF is moved into AX. 3. What is a procedure? What is the function of ORG directive? A procedure is a section of program that performs a specific function and can be called for execution from other modules. An ORG is a statement specifies where the machine code
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Unformatted text preview: generated by the assembler for subsequent instructions will reside in memory. 4. Give three benefits of modular programming?-Separate programmers can work on the modules, the complete program can be written in a shorter period of time.-Because of the smaller size of modules, they can be edited and assembled in less time.-It is easier to reuse old software. 5. What is the input to the LINK program? What are the outputs of the LINK program? Give a brief description of each. Inputs-Block.exe Block.asm Debug Outputs-Run module - executable machine code version of the source program Link module - table showing the start address, stop address, and length of each memory segment employed by the program that it was linked....
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