Lab 5 - a) a) MOV AX,BX b) b) MOV AX,0AAAAH c) c) MOV...

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Jeff Brutsche Engt 2230 Lab 5 Objective Learn how to: Code assembly language instructions into machine code. Assemble instructions into the memory of the PC. Unassemble machine code instructions stored in memory. Store and load machine code instructions from a diskette. Excecute an instruction to determine the operation it performs. Coding Instructions in 80x86 Machine Language. Step I : Encode each of the instructions that follow not machine code.
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Unformatted text preview: a) a) MOV AX,BX b) b) MOV AX,0AAAAH c) c) MOV AX,[BX] d) d) MOV AX,[0004H] e) e) MOV AX,[BX+SI] f) f) MOV AX,[SI+4H] g) g) MOV AX,[BX+SI+4H] Step II : How many bytes are required to store each of the machine code instructions in step 1? a) a) _________________ b) b) _________________ c) c) _________________ d) d) _________________ e) e) _________________ f) f) _________________ g) g) _________________...
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