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Seth Plummer Theology Journal Week 6 (1): “God is the days…I don’t have faith I only have truth” (Dillard, 46). These commanding words by Dillard bring up a very valid point in the Human experience of Jesus. In this passage by Dillard, Dillard “seeks to make sense of a universe of ambiguity and apparently meaningless suffering” (Starkey). Is there “meaningless suffering or does everything happen for a reason? Here is some background: In this section of Dillard, Dillard witnesses an airplane crash in which a little girl was burned beyond recognition. Here Dillard begins to ask important questions about the power and will or Jesus. Here, this “discourse about human’s is discourse about God” (Starkey). In another text, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, through his Augustinian view, states that “evil is the privation of good”. If that is true, and if God is the days, and the days are seemingly never ending, than how can God can God allow evil (i.e.: airplane crash) to occur. How is harmony restored by an innocent person suffering?
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