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Seth Plummer Week 5 Class Discussion Journal In class we discussed the different kinds of sin. I came to my attention that we all had different definitions of what sin actually was. Dr. Starkey asked an International Student what he thought sin was. He said that he thought that there was known sin or moral sin and that there was sin that was O.K. Dr. Starkey then asked… “If there was a Nazi SS officer at your door and he/she asked if you were hiding Jews would it be a sin to lie”. The student responded… “I think it would be a sin to not protect the Jews I was hiding”. This is the dilemma that humans face on a daily basis. Is there more than one kind of sin? In some circumstances, is it O.K. to sin? I don’t know but I would like to find out. In Hanson, the author says that it is “important to distinguish between different kinds of sin”. Here are the different issues with sin: A: Unbelief and idolatry… “God is the most fundamental and ultimate source and the final goal in life” (Hanson, 108).
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