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week 5 rdg - Seth Plummer Week 5 Reading Journal Evil it's...

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Seth Plummer Week 5 Reading Journal Evil; it’s such a complicated thing. There are so many different kinds of evil, and then there is the argument that evil does not even exist. What am I to believe? My first question is, how can evil and God and evil co-exist? Logic says that they can’t. This dilemma is posed to us in the handout on Theodicy and Evil. A: If God is perfectly good, then God would seek to abolish all evil. B: If God is all powerful, the God would abolish all evil. C: Yet, evil exists. D: Therefore, either God is not perfectly good or God is not all powerful or both. In my childhood, I was brought up to recognize God and Jesus as separate but semi-equal entities. I think of them as father and son like. I think that God is all powerful, all knowing, and all loving. I also think that Jesus is the same way but I think that Jesus is a little less powerful. Like a father does here on earth God, seems to know all. Jesus, like sons is subconsciously knowing everything and trying to
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