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Seth Plummer Week 3 Class Discussion In class when we were asked to divide up into group according to what we “believed got us this far” I was not quite sure what the exercise was for. We divide ourselves into groups according to whether we were religious, whether we believed we got ourselves to where we are today, whether we believed only in capital or money or whether we believes that there was something more out there, or whether we believed in sport. Now I get it; Dr. Starkey was getting a feel for how many of us had a true belief in God and which of us did not fully believe that God existed. Ignoring the category of sport, I had a seemingly huge problem with some of the answers my classmates gave. The most common argument was….”I cannot fully and scientifically prove that God exists…So why believe? My first question to those classmates is how do you believe you got here? If there answer happened to be scientific, then I would ask how they think science was made or discovered.
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