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Seth Plummer Week 4 Class Discussion Journal What is our human nature? This was an interesting topic in class if you consider that almost half the class is in a science major or in a major that has a large portion of its curriculum dealing with science. Is it purely biological or is it poorly spiritual, or is it both? The author Hanson has human categorized into four insights: The first is that Humans “are absolutely dependent upon God for their existence” (Hanson, 81). The only question that I have with this reasoning is how then atheists do exists. An atheist is “a person who denies that God exists” (Hanson). I wonder how someone can be existent in something that they do not believe in. Hanson says that “affirmation conflicts with this perspective of modern and postmodern culture have arisen over autonomous or self-ruling” (Hanson, 81). The second is that Christian Humans believe that “the essential makeup of human is good although it is liable to distortion” (Hanson, 82). This kind of goes
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