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terms for midterm #1

terms for midterm #1 - Terms for Midterm#1 Fusion of Powers...

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Terms for Midterm #1 Fusion of Powers definition: a constitutional principle that merges the authority of branches of government, in contrast to the principle of separation of powers. In Britain, for example, parliament is the supreme legislative, executive and judicial authority. The fusion of legislature and executive is also expressed in the function and personnel of the cabinet significance: Cabinet Governement definition: a system of government, as in Britain, in which the cabinet (rather than PM) excercises responsibility for formulating policy and directing both the government and the executive branch. In the UK, cabinet government has been undermined as a check on the power of the Prime Minister. significance: Democracy definition: the classical definition: the democratic method is that institutional agreement for arriving at political decisions which realizes the common good by making the people itself decide issues through elections of individuals who are to assemble in order to carry out its will significance: Rule of Law definition:
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