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Theology Journal Week 6

Theology Journal Week 6 - Theology Journal Week 6(2 In...

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Theology Journal Week 6 (2): In class discussion, we discussed the importance of understanding the difference of the “Jesus of history vs. The Christ of Faith” (Starkey). Here, we can divide these periods into the pre-Easter and Post-Easter Jesus. Pre-Easter is the Jesus of History and post is the Jesus’ life after his death. Most of what we know about Jesus is post Easter. First the Pre-Easter Jesus: Jesus was a tekton, or worker not involved in agriculture. He and his family were equal to a peasant or a handyman. There was no moving up the economic ladder. I feel that these qualities make Jesus more “real” to us. By viewing Jesus’ “Christology” or the theology of who Jesus is, we can see that He showed empathy and compassion. But we have coined terms for him like: King, Messiah, Son of God, Shepard, Wonderful Counselor, and Mighty King. So is Jesus human or Divine…Or is he both? My conclusion is that Jesus was human and became divine so that we may be made in the “image and likeness of God”.
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