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motorcycle diaries - In"The Motorcycle Diaries Ernesto and...

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In “The Motorcycle Diaries” Ernesto and Alberto’s journey throughout South America is chronicled. After their trip, both men went on to be extremely productive; Ernesto politically and Alberto professionally. One of the more influential experiences on their voyage was a stop at the San Pablo Leper Colony in Peru. This colony was run in a similar way to many leper colonies in the region, with the doctors, nurses and other staff in one location (in this case on one side of the Amazon River) and the patients in a different location (the opposite side of the Amazon). While this was an effective way for the staff to keep themselves from getting sick, and for the patients to feel independent, this method of quarantine demonstrated very succinctly to Ernesto the major divide between the social classes of South America at the time. While Guevara and Granado are traveling, Guevara is slowly experiencing a political awakening. He is starting to see the divide between classes throughout not only individual countries but across the entire continent. The experience they have at San Pablo exemplifies this class divide in a micro-chasm. When the men arrive at the leper colony near the end of their trip, Ernesto immediately is intrigued by the distance between the helpers and the helped. The patients are essentially living on their own;
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motorcycle diaries - In"The Motorcycle Diaries Ernesto and...

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