US II NOTES - 1890s o Closing of the frontier Oklahoma land...

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1890s o Closing of the frontier Oklahoma land rish no more open range 1998- Andrew Jackson gave it to NA’s People worried no more expansion=no spread of democracy/manifest destiny No more ‘new’ places to wish to go i.e. Oregon/California gold rush o Land-Man ratio EUROPE LAND < MEN= LOW WAGES USA LAND > MEN= HIGH WAGES o In late 1800s, land/men started to even out, meaning an invasion of the “ism’s” from Europe Anarchism, socialism, unionism etc Were “dangerous, threatening the establishment” Unionism o Started as a response to the “gilded age” by Mark Twain o Rockefeller, Carnegie etc were making tons of untaxed $$, while everyone else was living on $1/day from factories Poor workers of magnates decide they are stronger as a group First group in PA, Molly McGuires, are deemed illegal; hung. 1870-Noble Knights of Labor- all men (skilled and unskilled), any trade allowed in, no local organization, only national level. Associated with many isms, garnered little following Haymarket Square Riots Chicago Police officer is killed by a bomb thrown from a crowd of organized union men ***UNIONS = BOMBS AND TROUBLE = DEAD COP = BAD*** End of the NKL o 1889-American Federation of Labor-organized by Samuel Gompers, only skilled labor, organized at a local level; gov’t would stand by rich factory/etc owners, would be violent in breaking up strikes; feared the union mvmt would become one with socialism party ( which could never happen in Britain at the same time, this would happen); Eugene V. Debs (head of socialist party) wanted Gompers to join him Ulysses S. Grant-PLATFORM: Hated KKK, passed 14 th , 15 th , 16 th amendments, wanted to give power back to states No KKK was good, but US was still oppressing blacks Share cropping, institution of “Literacy Tests” to vote, but no school etc
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Literacy Tests-Grandfather Clause-1887- restricted right to vote if your grandfather did not vote (IE NO BLACKS) Jim Crow laws-dictated which schools blacks could attend, where to live, where to sit on bus, “how black” you were (1/16ths law) Plessy v. Ferguson-1896-Black nanny for white child say in the white trolley car with her charge. She is asked to move, doesn’t, case goes to supreme court. 5-4 votes that races are “separate but equal”; this ruling is “lawful and fair” Brown V. Board of Ed-1950s-black girl has to travel to go to all black school, supreme court rules she can go to local white school….OVERTURNS PLESSY V. FERGUSON Post-Reconstruction-blacks are reduced to little more than slaves with sharecropping, lynchings are still going on, jim crow laws are still in effect and segregation (“separate but equal”) still going on o Integration-if there was no social integration, there could be no political or economical integration o Booker T. Washington-Atlanta Compromise-keep blacks as a cheap labor source
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US II NOTES - 1890s o Closing of the frontier Oklahoma land...

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