10.24.07 Pakistan cont

10.24.07 Pakistan cont - None of these have happened The...

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Midterm Make an argument Use material from class, recitation, and readings Pakistan Cont’ Politicized Army Idea that if military takeover is necessary, then it is constitutional Doctrine of necessity Argument that democracy is not possible Civil-Military Relations Kashmir Nuclear disarmament Weapons procurement Defense expenditure Personnel decisions Ex: Musharrif’s counter-coup Social and political stability Google storyofPakistan Timeline Kashmir Line of Control N: Pakistan control Kashmir Mostly Muslim S: Indian control Mix of Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhism Azad Kashmir Jammu
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Ladakh Earthquakes due to being located along tectonic plates Origins British Raj sells Kashmir ($50 mill) to Prince Lord Mountbatten In charge of helping states decide which way they were to go Hari Singh Maharaja of Kashmir The fall of 1947 Oct 25-27 Signed document, siding with India, but we don’t know when UN Resolution Pakistan/Indian armies to withdrawal Have Kashmir vote
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Unformatted text preview: None of these have happened The Toll Since late 1980s 40,000-100,000 deaths (3,000 last year) Indian force (500,000) Kargil (1,000 Pakistanis died) No gains on either side Politics in Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah (the lion of Kashmir) Much of time spent in prison due to fight for freedom Became leader of Kashmir after released from prison Son became leader but not as adept as father 1987 elections Son would run for governor but not fight for independence Militant groups Lashkar-i-taiba Harkat-ul-mujahideen Evidence that these groups have ties to ISI Fight for Kashmir becoming Pakistani Against Pakistan having more moderate government Peace Process Kargril and Attack on Indian Parliament Indian government have begun talks with groups Peace Process Kargril and Attack on Indian Parliament Peace Bus Current situation Cease fire (2003) Talks with militants Musharrafs Musings...
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10.24.07 Pakistan cont - None of these have happened The...

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