Old Midterm (Spring 04) with solutions

Old Midterm (Spring 04) with solutions - ---------- - ---...

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Unformatted text preview: ---------- - --- ---- ---I------------ --- -----MIDTERMEXAMCALCULUSFOR THE SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCESMath52-12Spring 2004Thereare7questionsinall;togethertheyareworth110%.Youmaychoosetodoany,orall,of thesequestions.Thevalueof eachquestion,asapercentage,isdenoted.Pleasebeclearandpreciseinyoursolutions.Irecommendthatyoudisplayallyourworking.Donotwriteon theexampaper;writeall yoursolutionsin thebluebooksprovided.1. The following is the graph of a functiony=f(x),use it to determine:(a)The sign-chart of the functiony=f(x)(b)The sign-chart of the derivativey'=f'(x)(c) The sign-chart of the second derivativey"= 1"(x)Donot provideanyexplanationi15%/(-~)-)d(continued...12. Sketch the graph of any functiony=f(x)with the following characteristics:.yhasholesatx=-1andx=6.yhasa horizontalasymptoteaty= - 2.yhas exactly two vertical asymptotes,atx= 0 andx= 2.The derivativey'has exactlythree x-intercepts,atx= 1,x= 3, andx= 5.The sign-chart of the second derivativey"is:+I-I -I+I-247Drawa large and careful...
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Old Midterm (Spring 04) with solutions - ---------- - ---...

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