H2(Feb 12)

H2(Feb 12) - _u-m_nn_n_un_unCALCULUSFOR THE SOCIAL AND...

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Unformatted text preview: _u-m_nn-----_n-_un-_unCALCULUSFOR THE SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCESMath 52-10HOMEWORK. II -Due February 12, at the beginning of classSpring 20081. During the years 1951 to 1958 the price of chicken in the U.S. fell from 25 cents per poundto14 cents per pound.During the same period chicken consumptionper personrosefrom 22 pounds a year to 27.5 pounds a year. Assuming a linear relationship between theamount of chicken consumed and the sales price, express a person's yearly expenditureon chicken as a function of the sales price.Clearly tell me what each of your variables denotes.2.Determine, for each of the following three functions, the holes, the horizontal and verticalasymptotes, thexandyintercepts, and the sign-chart.~-h~-h~-h(a)y=29(b)y=3+244(c)y=3+h2+x-xx-x-xxDo not offer any explanation but clearly show all the steps of your working. Do not skl;t,l(hthe graph.3. In each of the followingtwo cases, draw the graph of any functiony=f(x)with thestated characteristics:(a).Horizontal asymptote at...
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H2(Feb 12) - _u-m_nn_n_un_unCALCULUSFOR THE SOCIAL AND...

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