Neuronal Transplantation - Neuronal Transplantation...

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Unformatted text preview: Neuronal Transplantation Neuronal Transplantation is a developing research that focuses on repairing parts of the body after a stroke or other significant motor loss such as arm or leg. Also is for helping people with Parksinson's Disease or Huntingdons's Disease. It all starts with the brain and cell replacement. I believe it is a great idea for to this kind of repairing. It can greatly help anyone that has had a stroke or has lost the arm or leg movements due to brain damage. I do think the surgery is a right idea in a way to help people. What I do not think is legal is how doctors get these cells to fix these problems. I know you must use developing cells so that must mean you use a young person such as a baby. I feel no one has the right to just kill a baby once it is born whether it is has a mental disorder or if the parent was considering abortion just to use the baby cells for this kind of...
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Neuronal Transplantation - Neuronal Transplantation...

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