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sleepwalking - sleep walking incidents or just sleep...

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Sleepwalking I considered sleepwalking a medical disease. In the video, the guy was asleep and he started to sleepwalk or "sleeplive" as one could say because he did so much while asleep. I could not believe he drove a car and then killed people while asleep. They did a lot of research into this mans case. It was proven he had a medical disease and he had no clue what he did. The case is very hard on which to side on and also about all cases where someone uses sleepwalking as a defense. I think people deserve punishment for there actions but what he did under no control is different. Also, he did not have control over his actions unlike someone who may have lost there control of actions due to drugs or alcohol. He did not knowingly sleepwalk and kill his parent-in- laws. Somnambulism, in my opinion, still needs more research, in order to see if someone can us it(sleepwalking or night terrors) as a defense in a court of law. In order to use this in court, I think you must do a lot of research into someone's past life and see if they have had numerous
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Unformatted text preview: sleep walking incidents or just sleep walking in general. If it was a a one time deal, I almost think you could not credit him with sleepwalking as a defense because if so I think a lot of people would try to use that a defense. Since the man had numerous cases of sleepwalking, it was proven he had a medical problem that needed to be solved. I think you have to hold the man responsible for his actions, I do not think he gets off free without any punishment unless families understand the situation. I think he needs to be at least on probation or some other kind of punishment if he is not going to be charge with murder of two people. I think he needs to undergo more medical studies to see if he continues his sleepwalking ways and I think they need to try and find a way to solve it. I also think if anyone else wants to try and use sleepwalking as a defense needs to undergo these same procedures to see if they really have the somnambulism problems....
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