Punishment versus Rehabilitation

Punishment versus Rehabilitation - Punishment versus...

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Punishment versus Rehabilitation To me jail is a place to punish people for there crimes but to also teach them or rehabilitate them back to normal living citizens. I believe prison is place of learning how to cooperate with other people inside a controlled area. I think prisoners should have some rights because they still need to know how they world acts but also they need to be taught what they did was wrong and how they need to fix it. I think for someone to have a sentence of lets say 5 years, the first year or two that is their punishment. I think during this punishment part they should have few to no rights because to be in prison you just did not steal a little kids candy. You had to of done something serious in order to be in the situation the inmates are in. I think they deserve the punishment of prison and hopefully they learn their lesson. I think they need to understand what they did and truly be sorry for the crime or at least learned that what they did was wrong. I think as they reached about the mid way point of their sentence is when the
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Punishment versus Rehabilitation - Punishment versus...

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