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Abnormal Psychology Study Guide #1

Abnormal Psychology Study Guide #1 - Abnormal Psychology...

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Abnormal Psychology 4303 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 Information not in book (first week of lectures) . Context of abnormal psychology in world of psychology Psychology has an integral relationship with zeitgeist of the world Bi-Directional Relationship As we go through history, keep in mind what else is occurring 1940s o Politics: WWII ending o Music-Big Band o Literature-Realistic o Religion- Pope deny or not helping during the Holocaust o Psychology- Emphasis on intelligence: What makes our brain tick, Behaviorism( Skinner), importance of environment 1960s o Politics: Vietnam, Anti-Authortiarian o Music: Beatles, The Grateful Dead o Literature: Beatniks, Romantics o Religion-Sex before Marriage o Psychology: Emphasis on inherent self worth (Carl Rogers) Unconditional Love 2008 o Politics: Very split; Iraq War, Terrorism o Music : Wide Variety (Jam bands, rap pop etc.) o Literature: Competes with Multimedia o Religion: Backlash on Catholicism, Scientology o Psychology: Integrating many models increased emphasis on genetics but also personal mindfulness and acceptance * Context: As a result, now we define and understand psychology as constantly changing Overview of clinical psychology Clinical = Trained to work with people o Relatively new – late 1800s Involves studying o Personality o Intelligence o Abnormal Behaviors – o Abnormal Psych- subfield of clinical Psychology . Reasons to study abnormal psychology
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(If you registered late for this class, please check in with a classmate about this material. Please do not ask me for notes, I do not give our my lecture notes) Historical and Scientific Considerations – Chapter 1 . Definition/Parameters of “abnormal” behavior . Other factors to consider when diagnosing abnormal behavior . History of psychopathology 1. Somatogenesis 2. Demonology 3. Psychogenesis 4. Asylums, Pinel 5. Moral treatment pgs 16-17 6. Mesmer, Breuer, Cathartic Method (not covered in lecture, pg 18) . Subjectivity in science . This entire chapter is important to read, least important section is part on “Science of Psychopathology, pgs 5-7 . You DO NOT need to memorize dates . You will be expected to know the names we mention in class An Integrative Approach to Psychopathology – Chapter 2 **See overview online (PDF file on CU Learn) **Know how each model “explains” abnormal behavior **Pros and cons of unidimensional versus multidimensional models **Main people associated with each model . Psychoanalytic Model (actually in Chapter 1) o We are shaped by thoughts and feelings that are out of our direct awearness o These impulses are driven by innate needs that are not socially accepted, creating conflict *Abnormal Psychology = Unconscious Conflicts Frank Mezmer (1734-1815) o Mezmerizing / Hypnotherapy Joseph Bruer (1842-1925) o Talking Cure Sigmund Freud (1856-1933) o 3 parts of the Brain o Conscious Level: Thoughts and Perceptions o
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Abnormal Psychology Study Guide #1 - Abnormal Psychology...

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