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ECON Video #10 - people Overall globalization is an...

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Michael Blasius 11/29/07 Video #10 Globalization is a trend which includes the spreading of industry throughout the world. As a result, people are wearing the same fashions and using the same products worldwide. Also, many people are left hungry and many are living below the poverty line. These people include all races but there are a large number of young people affected by globalization. Many go without shelter and are unemployed. In order to combat globalization, many average people are protesting against globalization. Another result of globalization is the importation of immigrants, both legal and illegal, from poorer countries to richer countries . This has created a large Latin presence in the United States which is displacing jobs that were once held by Americans. Globalization also affects labor-management relations as companies must try harder to keep up with global standards. There are some positive aspects of globalization. One positive outcome is that some goods which are distributed globally are becoming cheaper and more affordable to
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Unformatted text preview: people . Overall, globalization is an unstoppable movement. As long as corporations are driven by profit, they will continue to expand their market, no matter what the outcome . In my opinion, I am for globalization. I believe that it brings about more benefit than detriment with the chief benefit being that goods are made available throughout the world for a lower price. Even though it does reduce jobs somewhat, this is just a sign that we need more industries for people to be employed in. Globalization will eventually bring services and goods to countries which are not rich enough to provide them on their own. This will also employ people overseas which will improve their economies. Although there are some negative aspects of globalization, I feel the positives outweigh them. Lowered prices, increased availability of goods, helps in development of poorer countries Reduces jobs in richer countries, causes illegal immigration, has potential to exploit cheap labor...
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ECON Video #10 - people Overall globalization is an...

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