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Unformatted text preview: APPENDIX II: SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE QUESTIONNAIRE ON FAST-FOOD RESTAURANTS General perception and habits of consumers on the fast-food industry 0. In the last six months have you visited the following shops: Café de Coral, Fairwood, Maxim Fast food / MX? □ Yes (Continue questionnaire) □ No (Questionnaire ends) 1. When choosing which fast-food restaurant to dine, what are your primary considerations? (Please choose 3) □ Price □ Dining environment □ Quality of food □ Variety of food □ Brand image □ Quality of services □ Waiting time □ Hygiene condition of restaurant □ Others______________ ( Please specify) 2. What do you think is the acceptable price range for a meal set from fast-food restaurants? □ below $15 □ below $20 □ below $25 □ below $30 □ below $35 □ below $40 □ below $45 □ below $50 □ Others __________________ ( Please specify) 3. How many times do you visit fast-food shops per week? □ 0 time □ 1-3 times □ 4-6 times □ 7-9 times □ 10-12 times □ Others________________ (Please specify) 4. Would the launch of a new product increase your incentive to dine at a particular restaurant? □ Yes □ No 5. Fast-food restaurants offer different styles of food, which kind of food do you mostly choose? (Please rank) □ Japanese □ Chinese □ Western □ Sandwiches □ Beverages □ Salad 6. Do you think there are enough varieties of food in existing fast food restaurants? If not, what do think should be offered? □ There is enough variety □ Thai food □ Vietnamese food □ French cuisine □ Korean food □ Others________________________________ ( Please specify) 7. To what extent do advertisements affect your choice of restaurants? □ A very large extent □ A certain extent □ A small extent □ No effect at all 8. Why have advertisements affected your choices? □ Celebrity effect □ Advertisements make food look attractive □ Advertisements make me aware of new products □ Advertisements convey a positive image that I admire □ Others______________________(Please specify) □ Not applicable 9. It is through what channel that you usually gather information about fast-food restaurants? □ Newspaper □ Magazine □ Internet □ Word of mouth □ TV advertisements □ Posters in public areas □ Others_______________________(Please specify) 10. How concerned are you about healthy diet? □ I am very concerned and I eat cautiously everyday □ I am concerned somehow and I occasionally try to eat more healthily □ I am mildly concerned only and I seldom seek to eat more healthily □ I am not concerned at all and I never try to eat healthily 11. What constitute a desirable ambiance for a fast food restaurant in your opinion? (Can choose more than one option) □ Warm indoor temperature □ Cool indoor temperature □ Spacey □ Congested and busy □ With light background music □ With pop background music □ Simple design □ Cozy design □ Bright color theme □ Darker color theme □...
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