Brazil topics - ii Import Substitution...

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Brazil topics leave rich Europe for poor Developing World [Country Facts Table] GNI ($) and HDI similar to Russia 1. Regime: Very long military rule, 1964-1989 authoritarian but held congressional elections long democratic transition, military controls the pace i. 1974 apertura (limited, like glasnost ) ii. new PT (Workers Party) iii. but old PMBD wins presidency, 1989 2. Economy: world's worst income inequality generals: "grow now, distribute later" favela slums, former-slave Afro-Brazilians i. congresswoman Benedita da Silva, PT successful economic development i. but less free-market than Russia now
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) iii. state companies like Embraer , CVRD iv. 1,000% annual hyperinflation killed ISI [Figure 2] v. "shock" plans, new currencies 3. Democracy: combination of president + PR • more, weaker parties (even than Russia) • president needs shifting congressional coalitions o constant vote-buying scandals o public disappointd with democracy 4. Economy: Why does the Amazon still burn? • grandeza vision = highways, military security • "slash & burn" subsistence farming • land owners kill indigenous, environmental, religious...
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Brazil topics - ii Import Substitution...

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