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FFL Journal #4

FFL Journal #4 - appointment with the ACE writing center...

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Michael Blasius Professor Kim FFL 101-T 27 September 2007 What Does it Mean to Be an Active Participant in One’s Education? Dear journal, To be an active participant in one’s education means to go out and make use of the resources available to make your education more worthwhile and useful. It is the opposite of doing just the bare minimum of work and being passive towards interacting with teachers and other students. To be an active participant in your education, you must go out and look for opportunities to learn and not just take those that are put in front of you. One example of being an active learner is instead of wondering if your literature paper is any good, you go and make an
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Unformatted text preview: appointment with the ACE writing center and find out the answer to your question. It really does make sense to be an active participant in your education because it makes the most out of your educational experience. The college tuition includes so much more than just the classes your taking so why would you not get your money’s worth and take everything that is included when you hand in your tuition check? After all, it only helps to be active in getting the academic help you need, finding the answers to your questions, and interacting with the students and teachers around you....
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