Mexico topics - CPO2002

Mexico topics - CPO2002 - [video 4 Economy successful...

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Mexico topics 1. Identity: indigenous minority [facts table] 30% indian > Brazilian black minority 2. Economy: no longer 3rd world? [facts table] GNI per capita > Brazil 3. Regime: another slow democratic transition authoritarian PRI for 70 years o non-military o 3 party "sectors": labor, peasants, bureaucrats (!) conservative PAN oposition elected 2000 o Presidents Fox, then Calderon in 2006 3-party system, i.e < Brazil o PAN, PRI, PRD (right to left) [Fig. 1, p. 500] indigenous poor South o Zapatista rebellion,Chiapas 1994
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Unformatted text preview: [video] 4. Economy: successful dependent development • NAFTA 1994 o shift from ISI to freer markets/trade o 80% exports/imports = US o economises rise & fall together [chart] o no longer export mostly oil o local MNC's, like CEMEX • PEMEX oil company still state-owned o from drilling to gasoline pump o nationalism prevents any privatization so far • land reform: PRI's ejidos o tiny plots = political machine o end in 1994 = Zapatista rebellion...
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Mexico topics - CPO2002 - [video 4 Economy successful...

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